About Us

Our Goal

Carrying quality wines from various regions around the world and keeping them fresh and available for you to taste is our primary goal.


Our Niche

lwb-nicheAt the Level Wine Bar we want our customers to be happy about every glass or bottle they purchase by allowing them to taste before they buy.

Our Wine Station has the ability to preserve our wines for a period of 60 days. It also allows us to control the temperature of the wine and pour a perfect taste.

In addition, we have a Coravin System® which makes it possible for us to easily pour a taste from any bottle without pulling the cork and shortening the lifespan of the wine.

Everyone's palate is different and you know what you like. From a $6/glass to a $25/glass, we want you to be able to decide which one you like best.

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Hours: Monday thru Saturday 3:30pm to Close
Hours: Closed Sunday

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